August 10, 2021 at 1:30 PM MST

How to let go of people

And feel good about it

Stop Begrudging the Past. Be Grateful for Your Present, and Create the Future You Want

Let’s face it: no one has taken a class on how to appreciate their lives.

That’s why we can feel like we have everything in the world… and none of it matters.

That’s why we can be indecisive and uncertain about the future we want to create.

That’s why we can’t look in the mirror and say “I am valuable” without wanting to vomit.

Here’s what you’ll learn during our time together:


The why behind “Imposter Syndrome”, where it comes from and how to eliminate it permanently.


How the mind dictates our relationships into “owing” or “owed,” & how perception sabotages our daily lives.


Why focusing on pain instead of gratitude is a never-ending personal development rabbit hole.


Why success in business, finances, or relationships doesn’t make us feel happy or valuable – and what will.

And the big one…

A proven method for dissolving the stories in your mind you can’t let go of that are keeping you from feeling alive.

My name is Stephan Gardner, but you don’t care about that.

What you care about is waking up in the morning and being able to say “I love the fact that I am alive and I am worthy of loving my life.”

It’s surprisingly difficult. And for most of my life, I too was unable to say that, despite my best efforts.

I tried a ton of different personal development methodologies and followed many gurus, all to “get over” the pain I was carrying.

And while I won’t knock those methods (I learned a LOT from that introspection), they didn’t work for me.

I was still miserable – still unable to get over a bad breakup, still working a job I hated, still unable to feel my own value.

All of that changed one morning, when I woke up to an apparition of a burning X in my ceiling (sort of like Constantine the Great, the Roman Emperor who converted to Christianity after seeing a burning cross in the sky).

That led to my development of the Integrated Appreciation Method.

The first time I did the Method – and it took me HOURS of work – I felt the change immediately.

It was as if the venom that had been flowing through my veins and poisoning me for decades dissipated.

I felt gratitude.

I felt valuable for the first time ever.

And with those new feelings, I transformed my life. I got a job that was much more fulfilling and higher paying than my old one. I got over my breakup and found the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. And I rekindled my old love of music (and bought some awesome guitars).

When you are thankful and appreciative of your life, it will change for the better without you having to force it. Because those changes will feel natural and obvious.

Join me for this webinar to learn how.

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