Does this sound like you?

If you’re like most of my students, you’re stuck in a loop. You experience the same problems over and over, year after year, always leading to the same result. You’ve also been distracted by a plethora of self-help, personal development, and mindset courses all promising that if you clear your baggage utopia is on the other side.

The self-help industry at large relies on selling you this fantasy, so that they can keep you in a never-ending cycle of buying books, attending seminars, and attempting to make their philosophies work for you. Very few personal development students understand this and even fewer manage to become people who don’t need fantasies.

You’re about to stop that cycle.

You need to understand why you don’t have what you say you want.

There are some hard truths and realities that you must accept if you want to grow into a person who no longer has the problems that you have.

The first is that you’re not entitled to have anything else.

The second is that not all your present problems can be blamed on your past or other people.

The third is that no matter what you try and do differently, you may have already agreed to end up exactly where you are right now. It’s time to start disagreeing.

To do this right, you must understand exactly who you are, what resources you have, and your own capacity for change. Only then can you achieve successful personal growth.

What we do differently to take you beyond personal development


Force you to learn rigid systems of

Pseudoscience and ideology instead of tailoring the experience to your individual needs

Convince you that the reason

Your life isn’t producing the results you want is that you haven’t worked enough on your baggage

Advertise massive action, radical

Transformation, or quick fixes that are ultimately unsustainable and invite unintended consequences

Waste your time on

Fruitless attempts to govern and control your mind.


Analyze your behaviour

And needs to offer a personalized experience

Get results faster by restoring

Your self-worth and helping you become someone who can drop their baggage at will.

Install micro-actions

That you can practice sustainably to create lasting long-term change.

Understand that your mindset

Naturally heals and balances itself when you learn to appreciate your life.

Our philosophy is that to succeed in life, you must grow beyond your prey mindset. We get you there by teaching you to honour, acknowledge, and appreciate your accomplishments, so that you feel truly deserving of acting toward what you want and defending it once you have it.

Produce the results you’re looking for.

You want to:

Love and feel loved equally by the people you care about.

Be focused and feel certain that the decisions you’re making are the right ones.

Know that what you’re about to do matters and is going to make a positive difference in your life.

You also want to have a stable mindset and emotional power that can carry you through the darkest moments of your life and help you appreciate the greatest. To achieve this, you need a proven process that will completely reinvent your personal development experience and takes no more than five to fifteen minutes a day.

The story behind the process

I created Beyond Personal Development to support my clients in learning the tools and processes that make the difference between their success and failure in personal growth.

Before starting the company, I ran a coaching business using other teachers’ techniques to help people overcome traumatic experiences and act toward a fulfilling life. While I was able to build a loyal following, I kept running into problems that no matter what tool or technique I used, I couldn’t solve. Eventually, those same problems started to emerge in my own life. I started to question whether what I was learning and using as personal development methods were helping or hurting me in the long run.

I quit my business, and the personal development industry as a whole, in 2016. I took the time to reflect on what was common with my own problems, and the problems that my most troublesome clients had. I found that people who consistently lived in misery despite their privileges were missing two key traits: they lacked the strength to cope with confrontation, and they were unable to appreciate their accomplishments. When I discovered this, my spark for personal growth reignited.

I started calling old clients back that I felt I hadn’t completely served. I started accomplishing in 45 minutes what I had failed to do in ten years. I started to wonder if we could have just focused on these two traits the entire time.

Knowing what I know now, I believe that if people can adopt these two traits, they can accelerate their growth and move Beyond Personal Development once and for all.

That’s why this company exists: to help people get back to living their lives instead of perpetually searching for answers that are right in front of them.

Amanda Held

“I met Stephan in 2014 while working on a PTSD project for veterans and was immediately impressed by his deep knowledge of human systems. I feel blessed to have been one of the first facilitators to learn the Art Integrated of Appreciation. Let me tell you, it not only changed the way in which I facilitate, it changed my entire life. From my relationship to money to my relationship with my family and even my relationship with myself. Days after applying it to money I had my first $10k day.”

Kathryn Rollins

“Learning the Integrated Appreciation Method (IAM) through Stephan was one of the best things I ever did.

After years of personal development work, I would often find myself in a downward spiral of anxiety driven processing. This process was different as it evened out unfair exchanges from my past. I also served to alleviate anxiety and had me appreciating myself, which in turn, built up my sense of self-worth in a whole new way.”

Jordan D’Urbano

“After my session with Stephen, I want to share my experience. It was very profound, very simple. Like, I thought it was going to be a lot more complex than what it was, but it was extremely practical and effective.

I’ve tried to work on my problems with so many different methods, so many different coaches, and literally, in under an hour, I’ve gone, oh, right, that story kinda doesn’t matter anymore. That’s the best way I can put it. It wasn’t that it was cleared, it wasn’t that it dissolved, it was like, really? That do I have to hold on to that anymore? And you can just drop it. So if anyone is thinking about working with Stephen on a deeper level, I would highly recommend it. So, Steven, thank you. Really appreciate you brother.”

June Croken

“Dearest Stephan, I wanted to express to you my gratitude for all of your patience, guidance, inspiration and generosity with your very valuable time yesterday. It was a life altering experience for me and already I am awakened to my intentions and catching my trip ups, even in how I’m forming my words here. I’m looking forward to developing this further with you and I can not explain how interesting it is to see the ripple effect to those I surround myself with already and to those who will be introduced to you. Once again a very thankful, New June.”

Stacy Robertson

“… Then I found Stephan’s like work through the Integrated Appreciation Method. It literally has changed my life AND my bank account! I no longer feel a need to constantly be searching for the next growth ‘fix’.

No more. This method is based on valid scientific knowledge, quantum theory, and practical application. The perfect mix. I don’t need to spend another dime on anything outside of myself. I go back to this method every single day to apply the principle-based concepts that fit no matter what I’m facing in life.”

Khalid Chowdry

“Thank you guys. I have a business that does well. I just never put any pressure on myself or it to do well so it took a bit to adjust but I’ve done the IAM in what Stephan said in his video and it’s greatly helped. I’m attracting clients again and closed them with out much effort. I’m feeling much more confident in my abilities. Also, after doing the IAM in a big project I want someone came up to me and said she wants me to meet her bestfriend the wife of the director of this company. The wife needs my help and would force her husband to use my services for the organization if I serve her well. Fucking shit works”

Petit Le Suisse

“Stephan is both one of the most detached, and most caring people I’ve ever known. We met studying from the same teacher, and some how connected deeper along the way. I’ve had so many interesting and ridiculous conversations with Stephan, mostly based around the philosophy that brought us together, and in more recent years around Stephan’s own teachings. Stephan’s method is one of the most impactful things I’ve ever learnt. I have so many experiences, that resulted from the work I did using his methods, that it’s hard to pinpoint just one result or story, but I think my biggest takeaway from working with Stephan, is something very simple that here minded me of once: “Not made you feel…helped you feel”. I’d heard that before, you know – that no one can MAKE you feel – we’ve all heard it before, but it wasn’t until I’d practiced IAM that I knew it. It is so powerful to not only know that you create your own feelings, but through the IAM also why it matters and how to change them….”

Michael Graeme

“Stephan.. Stephan you are…

I just saw Jia. For a year I’ve cried every time I leave Un confident Weak, shaky. I’m blown away at how well that last interaction went. I was over the moon right after. I was present. Just listening and talking. Whatever else was going on didn’t matter.

I wasn’t stressing about what to say and what she thought about me… The “What can I give you” aspect felt strong. It wasn’t on my mind per se but I was no longer chasing something. Be that time or her attention. I saw that I already had that from her. What was different in the process was changing my affirmation from ‘I have’ to ‘I am‘. Because seeing ‘the why’ helped me believe it. I wasn’t reading an affirmation that a book or a coach told me to say. It was something I wrote.”

Katrina Campins

“Stephan is a brilliant mind who is multi-talented and self-taught. He is an introvert yet I could see right into him in a weird way. He exudes genius, ingenuity, creativity and sensitivity, yet I could see the depth of his wounded soul – we all have the wounds, some more hidden than others. The beauty of Stephan is that he was humbled by them, not angry or resentful – Stephan is an exceptional human being who could teach the world a few things. Continue to follow your dreams AND heart! You are on your way young man!!! So proud of you! TRULY! Keep it up!”

Joel Comeau

“Extremely enlightening phone call, with lots of knowledge and realizations of things that were there already but I was never fully conscious of or understood. I have a lot of work ahead of me, however my feeling and slightly better understanding of it all, although overwhelming right now, gave me a lot of potential and freedom to look forward to. Thank you Stephan Gardner for taking the time to allow me to open my mind and begin this journey into a brighter, bolder future. I accept this mission.”

How we do it

Behavior tracking

You’ll learn how to track and analyze your behaviour so that you can clearly understand who you are right now and why you keep doing the same things every day.

Integrated Appreciation Method

This is a process that restores your chemical capacity to feel good about your life by systematically reframing your interactions with other people. It relieves shame, grief, and guilt, helping you acknowledge and appreciate your own worth.

The Visionary Method

This method helps you discover the next identity that your life is calling you to adopt. You will learn to see the absolute pathway to what you are destined to be.

Creating Community

Join a supportive community of like-minded people who are dedicated to utilizing this work to transform their lives.

Are you willing to try?

What I’ve noticed in all the clients who have succeeded in leaving their anxieties behind and moving forward in their lives is that they were willing to die trying. If you’re reading this, you’re probably one of those people.

I get it. You’ve been around the block, you’re skeptical, and you may be thinking that this is just another trust fund baby life coach who hasn’t seen a day of adversity in his life, and who won’t lead you to a different result.

I want you to know that transformation is possible. I’ve been where you are, and I’ve fought tooth and nail to build a methodology that produces results. My goal is to help you burn your personal development library by working with what you have. Not more, not less. What you pay for is results, not textbooks.

Let’s make some kindling.