“Stephan helped my daughter use natural healing methods instead of conventional surgery. After sessions with Stephan, we went to see the doctor there was no longer any need for surgery. The natural healing methods Stephan used and taught my daughter to implement on her own helped avoid an invasive and expensive procedure. Stephan listens well to his clients, identifies their problem and is very knowledgeable about his work. He has been instrumental in the welfare of our family.”

Stephanie Kennon

Dallas, Texas

“… Then I found Stephan’s like work through the Integrated Appreciation Method. It literally has changed my life AND my bank account! I no longer feel a need to constantly be searching for the next growth ‘fix’.

No more. This method is based on valid scientific knowledge, quantum theory, and practical application. The perfect mix. I don’t need to spend another dime on anything outside of myself. I go back to this method every single day to apply the principle-based concepts that fit no matter what I’m facing in life.”

Stacy Robertson

“I met Stephan in 2014 while working on a PTSD project for veterans and was immediately impressed by his deep knowledge of human systems. I feel blessed to have been one of the first facilitators to learn the Art Integrated of Appreciation. Let me tell you, it not only changed the way in which I facilitate, it changed my entire life. From my relationship to money to my relationship with my family and even my relationship with myself. Days after applying it to money I had my first $10k day.”

Amanda Held

“Dearest Stephan, I wanted to express to you my gratitude for all of your patience, guidance, inspiration and generosity with your very valuable time yesterday. It was a life altering experience for me and already I am awakened to my intentions and catching my trip ups, even in how I’m forming my words here. I’m looking forward to developing this further with you and I can not explain how interesting it is to see the ripple effect to those I surround myself with already and to those who will be introduced to you. Once again a very thankful, New June.”

June Croken

Toronto, Ontario

“Thank you guys. I have a business that does well. I just never put any pressure on myself or it to do well so it took a bit to adjust but I’ve done the IAM in what Stephan said in his video and it’s greatly helped. I’m attracting clients again and closed them with out much effort. I’m feeling much more confident in my abilities. Also, after doing the IAM in a big project I want someone came up to me and said she wants me to meet her bestfriend the wife of the director of this company. The wife needs my help and would force her husband to use my services for the organization if I serve her well. Fucking shit works”

Khalid Chowdry

“One of my students and friend who I’ve coached with the Demartini Method and I had also done your Visionary Method with her with many hours of self love and appreciation. She’s is out of here at 2 pm with assisted suicide. I truly love myself for what I have given her and what she has given me. I am so grateful for you guys here. I love you and I love you Stephan for what you have given me. It’s definitely kicked me into a different level of love.”
Elizabeth Williams

“Stephan could be known as “the accountability coach”. He asks tough questions that in answering made me more accountable to myself. Highly recommended!”

Tim Little

Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, Canada

“Stephan, thanks again for yesterday. I have just completed a song I have been stuck on for months. Cheers.”

Thomas Wade

Musician & Songwriter, Toronto, Ontario

“After my session with Stephen, I want to share my experience. It was very profound, very simple. Like, I thought it was going to be a lot more complex than what it was, but it was extremely practical and effective.

I’ve tried to work on my problems with so many different methods, so many different coaches, and literally, in under an hour, I’ve gone, oh, right, that story kinda doesn’t matter anymore. That’s the best way I can put it. It wasn’t that it was cleared, it wasn’t that it dissolved, it was like, really? That do I have to hold on to that anymore? And you can just drop it. So if anyone is thinking about working with Stephen on a deeper level, I would highly recommend it. So, Steven, thank you. Really appreciate you brother.”

Jordan D’Urbano

“Thanks Stephan, Love the wording of that question. It’s funny how many times you can hear or address certain things and when something is just phrased a touch different, it hits in a novel way.”

Steven Fonso

You truly are a genius.

Sonja Petersen

New Zealand

“Stephan Gardner has a genius when it comes to human behavior and the mind-body connection. He is a brilliant teacher and coach and his positive, patient energy is inspiring.”

Skye Collyer

Business Development & Sales Professional

Dear Stephan, I appreciate the time you spent with me, your idea, your words that opened a new door to me, your passion, your wisdom, and the happiness of touching my soul is everything to me. Your kindness never be forgotten.

Shahnaz Kazemi

Toronto, Ontario

You have no idea how much you just helped me. I am ready to start living my life again.

Scott Gallagher

Rochester, New York

I fully support Stephan Gardner and believe that everyone struggling with any challenges can transform under his guidance. Everytime I talk to Stephan it’s like a wave of clarity takes over.

Sari Gabbay

Normore – Los Angeles, California

“Learning the Integrated Appreciation Method (IAM) through Stephan was one of the best things I ever did.

After years of personal development work, I would often find myself in a downward spiral of anxiety driven processing. This process was different as it evened out unfair exchanges from my past. I also served to alleviate anxiety and had me appreciating myself, which in turn, built up my sense of self-worth in a whole new way.”

Kathryn Rollins

“Thank you for working with me this morning the fair exchange…. for 11long years | couldn’t see what how |came off the tracks… gracious me….so simple. I’m so grateful… (Even though it wasn’t for free)
Thank you Stephan Gardner I truly appreciate you and your amazing Method”

Robin Goldsmith

“Hey Dude, just wanted to say thank you so much for coming in to my life… I should say fucking PROPELLING YOURSELF into my life and playing such a fucking HUGE mentor role for me this year… you taught me SO MUCH and just gave me everything I was looking for, You showed up at the perfect time and I couldn’t be more grateful to have met you this year, I adore you to bits and really hope 201% brings in everything you deserve, Lots of love and thanks for everything xo”

Pheobe Khun

“Stephan is both one of the most detached, and most caring people I’ve ever known. We met studying from the same teacher, and some how connected deeper along the way. I’ve had so many interesting and ridiculous conversations with Stephan, mostly based around the philosophy that brought us together, and in more recent years around Stephan’s own teachings. Stephan’s method is one of the most impactful things I’ve ever learnt. I have so many experiences, that resulted from the work I did using his methods, that it’s hard to pinpoint just one result or story, but I think my biggest takeaway from working with Stephan, is something very simple that here minded me of once: “Not made you feel…helped you feel”. I’d heard that before, you know – that no one can MAKE you feel – we’ve all heard it before, but it wasn’t until I’d practiced IAM that I knew it. It is so powerful to not only know that you create your own feelings, but through the IAM also why it matters and how to change them. I think we’ve all at some point in our lives wished we knew how we could feel differently about something, and that HOW is probably one of the biggest gifts you can give to someone. It’s pure power. I am eternally appreciative of you Stephan. I think your work serves the world.”

Petit Le Suisse

Stephan is absolutely amazing. His intuition to transform transcends beyond the mind; his abilities transform the soul…and I am sure it doesn’t end there. Stephan has a gift unlike anybody I have ever met in my life. He has a razor sharp ability to get to the very core of what is holding you back from living your life to it’s truest, fullest, highest potential. Stephan helped get my energetic “splinters” out… I knew something was wrong — I was stressed out & miserable…and I didn’t know WHY, and what was causing the pain. After speaking with Stephan for just a few short minutes, I was able to pinpoint the very, very subtle – and specific – thought patterns that were creating the largest stressors in my life. With his honest, real, and upfront attitude…he pointed out the parts of me no body else has ever had the guts to. Because of Stephan’s fearlessness and brilliance, I made the FAST changes I needed – and wanted – to make, on the deepest level possible. My life is changed. Stephan has produced an unbelievable ripple effect in my life that continues to magically and beautifully unfold every day. I am now in the most calm, relaxed, and loving space. The stress is totally gone. If you want the fastest, deepest, and REAL change in your life… don’t look anywhere else. Your life will change. I promise you.

Nikki Jumper

Toronto, Ontario

“Stephan.. Stephan you are…

I just saw Jia. For a year I’ve cried every time I leave Un confident Weak, shaky.

I’m blown away at how well that last interaction went. I was over the moon right after.

I was present. Just listening and talking. Whatever else was going on didn’t matter.

I wasn’t stressing about what to say and what she thought about me…

The “What can I give you” aspect felt strong. It wasn’t on my mind per se but I was no longer chasing something. Be that time or her attention. I saw that I already had that from her.

What was different in the process was changing my affirmation from ‘I have’ to ‘I am‘. Because seeing ‘the why’ helped me believe it.

I wasn’t reading an affirmation that a book or a coach told me to say. It was something I wrote.”

Michael Graeme

Thank you Stephan, your comment was powerful and gave me a reminder that what i had suffered was in fact a blessing!

Lynn Thomas

Brisbane, Australia

“Stephan is a brilliant mind who is multi-talented and self-taught. He is an introvert yet I could see right into him in a weird way. He exudes genius, ingenuity, creativity and sensitivity, yet I could see the depth of his wounded soul – we all have the wounds, some more hidden than others. The beauty of Stephan is that he was humbled by them, not angry or resentful – Stephan is an exceptional human being who could teach the world a few things. Continue to follow your dreams AND heart! You are on your way young man!!! So proud of you! TRULY! Keep it up!”

Katrina Campins

Luxury Real Estate

“Extremely enlightening phone call, with lots of knowledge and realizations of things that were there already but I was never fully conscious of or understood. I have a lot of work ahead of me, however my feeling and slightly better understanding of it all, although overwhelming right now, gave me a lot of potential and freedom to look forward to. Thank you Stephan Gardner for taking the time to allow me to open my mind and begin this journey into a brighter, bolder future. I accept this mission.”

Joel Comeau

Your wisdom is beyond your years.

Jennifer Maclean

Seattle, Washington

“I had a major victory on Friday. I spoke in front of 200 people, just the way I wrote it. I am giving you the credit. The tool you gave me made the difference. Thank you.”

Gaylen Zander

Dallas, Texas

Stephan, thank you so much for your response and for sharing your knowledge, all of which makes perfect sense.

Desiree Marie Leedo

London, United Kingdom

“As complicated as physics may have seemed Steve makes it real and applicable to our lives. He makes clear points and expertly guides you through the process. It changes the way you view things as both positive and negative. It puts issues to rest as blessings. Steve continues to study, learn and develop his skills both learned and intuitively. Steve is on the cutting edge of human behavior. It is exciting to be part of the evolution and the cutting edge with someone so youthful clear and skilled. I experienced an understanding and deep healing for at least 2 major events in my life during his day long workshop (only a day!). Using the clearing or neutralizing method works. It gave me a tool as I can continue to use as I identify other issues. I realized the unconditional love I sought for others I need for myself too. It gave me peace of mind and heart. Tears have never felt so good. I have been inspired to continue to use this work and learn more about it. In one to one hypnosis sessions, Steve takes his time. He can help you get to the root of illness and promote you to be healed. He is there for follow up support.”

Kalin Smith

Halifax, Nova Scotia

“In 2010, I developed kidney infections that caused my body to wind up urinating blood – and with sometimes severe back pain around the area where my kidneys were. My belief to this day is that I’d been carrying with me the burden of incompletes from the past that had finally reached the critical mass point and were now running amok in my physical system. We worked for 24 hours solid. I wrote down a long, long list of every single thing, person, and event or body part that I’d experienced grief or turmoil over – and we chipped away at it. In the moment where I cleared, my kidneys cleared – and I haven’t had issues with them since. I recall sitting on the floor in Stephan’s apartment and I had the most surreal sensation. It was as though the energy inside of my body flipped and I sat there, with my eyes closed, rocking back and forth gently. It was like my body and mind and heart had just met again after time apart. It was extraordinary.”

Emily Gowor

Author, Speaker

“Well, Stephan HELPED me save my marriage. I just kissed my husband and my son goodbye as he went to work and was taking him to the sitter. I feel like a different person, I just got my family back because you helped me ditch my victim story and truly appreciate things I told myself I appreciated but didn’t fully. I got completely vulnerable with him which was absolutely terrifying but he was supportive of me every step of the way. We were so connected that when we hugged and kissed for the first time since August, we were both shaking and just started laughing. I can’t describe the fullness in my heart. I admitted to him that I never truly opened up to him and I was waiting for us to fail. He admitted he was extremely hard to talk to and closed minded. I know this doesn’t mean things will forever be perfect but I do know that having this tool available to use is going to continue to break down my walls I’ve put up. I even made fun of myself for being ms “strong independent woman” then expecting him to cater to me, I don’t know what the future holds I just know that I didn’t know I was ever going to feel like this again. And that even if things didn’t work out Id still appreciate all the things he gave me. Thank you thank you thank you.”

Emilee Wilson

“Stephan, you helped me alot. Those judges were nothing compared to the ones I might see at my next audition and even then I won’t be nervous. You just haven’t helped with getting over a nervousness infront of judges but also when being confronted many that used to and still do judge me. Thank you alot for helping me to help myself overcome a few of my issues. A two thumbs up goes out to you, Stephan.”

Diana Emma

Toronto, Ontario

“Hey, You had a little talk, the other day… it was about the labeling of “wounded” inner child. You have literally changed the way I look at my memories, now. Thank you. Also, taking time to acknowledge my accomplishments has been helping immensely.. and it’s only been 3 days.. Just… thank you”

Dana Crerar

“My session with Stephan provided tremendous insight into a challenge from my past that I had not been consciously aware of. With his guidance, I was able to breakthrough my intellectual indifference and uncover a blessing deep within my unconscious mind. Most importantly, I was able to ‘get out of my head’ and into my heart, and experience a deeper conscious appreciation for the divine order of the universe. Thank you Stephan for sharing your unique approach, and helping me discover a hidden blessing and a key to my purpose and vision in life.”

Enette Pauzé

Oakville, Ontario

“Trustworthy. Healing Mind and Heart. Human energy converter. All these words describe Steve Gardner. He is an amazing individual who can place your thoughts and feelings within your heart to balance your lopsided perceptions. His hands have the power to help the mind and body connect so that the soul can reveal things to you that you would love to know. I came to Steve with stomach cramps and talked to him about my weight. Since I have seen him I’ve not only lost weight, but I have this feeling of feeling lighter. He was able to take my lopsided perception about my past and balance it so I felt whole. I feel like my heart and soul can be protected by love instead of fat and matter (my weight) now. It’s like he took out all the heaviness and put in an energy shield now. Do I believe in the mind-body connection and the healing of the human body? Absolutely. Talk to Steve like I did. See how he will change your life. If you let him see what is blocking you he’ll help transform your life like he did for me. Thank you Steve!!”

Celeste Gehring

Los Angeles

“I got away from him before he actually raped me. He started beating my sister while she was asleep. We had to run because we had no phone in the trailer where it happened.

This session completely cleared the story I carrued for nearly 47 years. This story has not bothered me since this day. Thank you for your time and creating the IAM method. Nothing else has worked like this method.”

Carolyn Holland

“Thanks for the many ideas. They helped out 2 people yesterday. I like the benefit of the drawback links. I was scared to ask this guy some of these questions but glad I did and so was he. He was thinking if they had just a few more talks, he could have straightened his addicted son from ODing. Keep expanding. Looks like your work is paying off.”

Dr. Brian Cox

Buffalo, New York

“Blown away and inspired by your insights, transparency and deep wisdom Stephan. You are a spiritual teacher and amazing guide. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and open-hearted realizations. Just brilliant.”

Bill Brakemeier

Executive & Spiritual Coach

“Stephan Gardner is a brilliant man.

No actually… Really Though. Like… REALLY REALLY. The kind of smart that people may not even realize how smart he is until like the year 2057. The way that this man understands life is beyond incredible.

He is a life coach… FOR A REASON. If you are suffering from anything emotionally, physically or spritually… I urge you to connect with him. He’s the kind of guy that can change your life with a sentence. No exaggeration…”

Beau Pinto

“Thanks Stephan Gardner for the amazing conversation we had. You helped me so much to get through a lot of sh*t that I was, stuck with for years.
PLUS I haven’t had so much fun with someone who truly gets what I am going through on a deeper level for years!
Thanks a million. Mission Inspired!”

Bart Milatz

“The purpose in the pain clicked for my relationships. I’ve never felt as much pain as I have since I stopped talking to my boyfriend. I finally feel like I can breathe again after doing the work on my relationships. I went from dropping 7lbs because I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep without medication, I was crying all the time, I hadn’t left the house in days and there was no way I was going to be able to focus on any work. I can now sleep on my own, eat (mostly), and I’ve gotten my drive back to do work. Mind blown. I actually made jokes and laughed today! Thank you and thank you for allowing me to come into the group early!”

Mary Pietras Kline

“My views on things have changed 100% since I have met you. My life is perfect (or perfectly imperfect) and since I’ve realized this, Jay and I have been flourishing. Not only relationship wise, but business also. We live in gratitude, for real. It’s easy to say you’re thankful but until you REALLY get it, and feel gratitude, you’re just saying thank you. 🙂  I thank YOU on a regular basis!”

Sarah Gates

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Thank you so much for teaching me how to live.

Tess Jackson

Spentzos – Actress

“Dear, Stephan, I can’t thank you enough for sharing so much of your time with me yesterday. Your exuberance and knowledge of Dr. John Demartini and The Demartini Method ® engaged my interest right from the beginning. I left feeling a lot lighter– like an internal shift has occured and I am eagerly looking forward to adding ‘the techniques’ into my daily life. You’re future shines bright!”

Nicole McDonald

Nova Scotia, Canada

“Still thankful everyday for these questions. My life is so different now. Anyone else feel the same?

I can honestly say that what was once my dread, I now take pleasure in.

This VM has me in tears , It’s very difficult for me because I’m having to keep on referring
back to parts 4,5, & 6 it’s pretty technical but it’s really ringing true for me and giving me permission to life on my terms

The work is worth every minute spent towards its completion. I’m a new man today”

Chaz Sanchez

“Happy to do a testimonial…1 am thinking maybe I must do a session so it can be about making more money? You helped me with my brother which I still remember…
I can’t seem to remember the second time what I worked on…clearly it was that good session that I completely forgot about it.
Asking for help, is something that I avoid, but as luck would have it, life took a turn for the worst and I approached Stephan. My sessions with Stephan was tough, humbling and enlightened. Thanks to his wisdom and depth, I stepped into more presence in , and that alone triggered numerous opportunities. In my book, atop coach, facilitator is one that actually walks the talk. Stephan gallops his talk and I feel at ease recommending his skill, Intuition, and results. ”

Assis Pontes

“My mind feels more clear, I’ve been thinking and how am I supposed to show up? Where do I show up? and When I speak in public what am I supposed to say? I see where I am taking on traits of my mom, her story. I heard myself say to Joe yesterday that I am appreciative, connection. Thank you for helping me.”

Anette Walsh

“My name is Anthony Rivest and I am currently a French and English tutor online. I also have a lot of experience in helping people getting clearer about their career goals, relationships and physical health. I am a Canadian expat living in Georgia, being married for the last 2 years to my Georgian wife, being fully immersed in a culture and a language so different from Quebec.

The benefits of mastering the IAM over years of consistent journaling were substantial. I remember the first time that Stephen showed me his simple sheet of paper around 2016 during a seminar and he told me: « This is all you need. Nothing more. »

From that point I dedicated myself to do the I AM on pretty much everything that was coming up in my life and creating emotional charges or distractions. The affirmations created out of this practice were truly powerful and I can confirm the role they have played in shaping my mind and purpose in these years of transformation. I became way more present, not only with the people around me, but also with myself, in solitude. Thoughts were less scattered and the obvious decisions seemed easier to see. My confidence grew a lot, since I got more aligned with myself and stopped pursuing goals which were either fantasies or social expectations of me.

Even if I do it less often than before, a fairly regular application of the method helps me to remain centered in my marriage when conflicts arise. I am faster to go back to appreciating my life partner and all the blessings surrounding us. I see every client entering my business as a gift to share my knowledge and wisdom, while learning from their life experiences too. When you start to see the world as fair exchange all around, various emotions like guilt, shame, anger, resentment and boredom lose their gripping power over you. You know that you have the capacity to transform your perceptions of events and people.

The main problems that I was able to transcend thanks to the IAM were various addictions including substance addiction, emotional dependency in love relationships and being hooked on personal development.

I was using all the strongest stimulant drugs to FEEL alive, to feel my body in the present moment, because I didn’t know the right path to follow career wise. I believe that the long-term practice of the method made a big difference in ditching old habits and even the desire whatsoever to use any kind of psychoactive drugs, including milder ones like caffeine.

In regards to past relationships, I had a tendency to either become too attached and involved in a matter of weeks, or be in the fear of loss when the relationship was long-term. I was terrified to be replaced by a man better than me, because I didn’t know how valuable I am here and now as a lover and financial provider.

About the last point on personal development, I was often using various tools for emotional management, but I cannot say that it was always the most productive solution in a given situation. I feel like the IAM helped me to be more proactive when. facing a challenge, instead of feeling good about status quo. Nowadays, when I feel an urge to change or experience negative emotions, I understand that it’s a call to action for me to keep moving forward and not sit in my comfort zone.

The only reason why I wouldn’t have learned the IAM in the past would have been because of my initial belief that personal development needs to be long and hard. I understand why beginners with the method could think that it is too simple to be effective. Don’t let that fool you.

My best advice would be to keep applying it regularly to your primary and secondary relationships. Practice feeling from the affirmations that come up in your IAM. Soon enough, your world around will start to reflect the inner stability that comes from appreciating yourself and others. If you think that something is missing, there truly isn’t. Love who you are, what you do and what you have and the next steps will always appear at the right time.”

Anthony Rivest

Are you willing to try?

What I’ve noticed in all the clients who have succeeded in leaving their anxieties behind and moving forward in their lives is that they were willing to die trying. If you’re reading this, you’re probably one of those people.

I get it. You’ve been around the block, you’re skeptical, and you may be thinking that this is just another trust fund baby life coach who hasn’t seen a day of adversity in his life, and who won’t lead you to a different result.

I want you to know that transformation is possible. I’ve been where you are, and I’ve fought tooth and nail to build a methodology that produces results. My goal is to help you burn your personal development library by working with what you have. Not more, not less. What you pay for is results, not textbooks.

Let’s make some kindling.

“Stephan helped my daughter use natural healing methods instead of conventional surgery”

“After sessions with Stephan, we went to see the doctor there was no longer any need for surgery. The natural healing methods Stephan used and taught my daughter to implement on her own helped avoid an invasive and expensive procedure. Stephan listens well to his clients, identifies their problem and is very knowledgeable about his work. He has been instrumental in the welfare of our family.”
Stephanie Kennon – Dallas, Texas

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